Whether you have a sugar production plant, or store and transport storage, it’s important to have the right moisture measurement tools to ensure the safe handling of your sugar. Learn more about how the moisture measurement technology available at MoistTech Corp can help!

How Moisture Levels Affect Sugar Production

When it comes to sugar processing, the moisture content of the raw sugar is a critical parameter that affects the quality of the final product. The water molecules inside sugar crystals affect their size, shape, and color. If the moisture is too high in the final product, it can cause problems like shelf-life issues, bridging in the storage silos, and screen blockages. This is what makes moisture measurement such a critical component of the sugar production process.

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The Importance of Moisture Measurement

Moisture measurement is important for sugar production because it helps to maintain the correct moisture content in the product. This, in turn, ensures the sugar is properly handled and stored, preventing any damage or hazards from occurring.

At MoistTech Corp, we provide moisture measurement technology that can help you achieve optimal control over your sugar production process. Our near-infrared (NIR) technology provides accurate and reliable readings on moisture content. This means that you’re always aware of the moisture content throughout the sugar production process.

The Installation Process

Our moisture measurement technology is easy to install. Our on-line sensor can be easily placed in your sugar production plants, whether you have a hopper, silo, material line, or belt or screw conveyor system. After a one-time calibration process, you can start your moisture measurement in sugar right away.

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The Benefits of Moisture Control

After you’ve installed our moisture measurement technology, you will start experiencing benefits immediately. From improving your product quality, optimizing your process, and fine-tuning your process in real-time to control moisture to increasing your plant efficiency, reducing water, and lowering energy costs, MoistTech Corp offers a moisture control solution that’s simple yet effective.

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Moisture measurement is an important step in sugar production. With the help of our moisture measurement technology from MoistTech Corp, you can ensure your sugar is properly handled and stored, preventing any damage or hazards from occurring. Contact us today to learn more about our moisture control technology!