At MoistTech Corp., our IR3000 moisture sensor allows you to do instant, non-contact, continuous moisture measurement. We believe our online moisture detection systems are as accurate as possible to provide reliable results. Moisture measurement and control is a crucial aspect of the waste-to-energy process. Discover the effect of NIR moisture control. Get your quote today!

Near-Infrared Technology (NIR)

MoistTech utilizes near-infrared (NIR) technology that allows for a non-contact solution to provide accurate moisture content readings. Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height & color, the sensors provide a continuous, reliable reading with zero drift and no maintenance. There is a one-time calibration with a non-drift optical design allowing operational personnel to make immediate line adjustments based on real-time measurements.
#MoistTech sensor above wood chips
#MoistTech sensor above wood chips

Managing Ash Residue

Too much or too little moisture can create several problems for waste-to-energy plants. By integrating MoistTech’s online moisture sensor into the process, manufacturers can monitor and control 100% of the ash. Managing ash residue is an important step for many reasons at incineration facilities around the world. From minimizing the possibility of ash dust inhalation and ingestion of employees, to preventing ash from being absorbed into the environment, as well as lowering transportation costs due to weight. In waste-to-energy facilities, controlling the ash residue is a critical concern of plant operators. After combustion, the ash residue that is left is sprayed with water to reduce dust and odors, which are then transported to landfills/monofills. 


The on-line sensors can be installed into any hopper, silo, material line, belt or screw conveyor, and the moisture results are displayed onto an external display or PC. Installing a moisture measurement and control system prevents bad product due to undesirable moisture levels. Fine-tuning the setup and process of the manufacturing line allows for instant improvements both in the product and in the efficiency in which it is produced. An ideal moisture control system accurately detects the moisture levels at different stages of the process, is easily maintained and has the ability to withstand even the harshest of manufacturing conditions. The IR-3000 series of sensors manufactured by MoistTech are specifically designed to be unaffected by ambient light or material variations to be able to provide continuous, repeatable, accurate readings to improve the manufacturing line and product. 
#MoistTech sensor above wood chips
#MoistTech sensor above wood chips

Immediate Benefits

A moisture measurement and control system includes immediate benefits. Improved product quality, lower waste and energy, cost process optimization, increased plant efficiency, and dryer control reduced downtime are all notable gains. 
At MoistTech Corp., we offer a range of on-line sensors for moisture measurement. We strive to provide superior customer solutions for every big and small industry out there. Contact us today to learn more!