Moisture Systems Corp.

Moisture Systems Corp. in Hopkinton, MA was founded in 1975 by a group of engineers and physicists who specialized in Near Infrared Technology. The original NIR process technology was developed in Germany and transferred to Anacon Inc. Ashland MA in 1969 where basically electronic improvements were made to their instrument known as the Anacon 106. Working with the basic optical concept Moisture Systems Corp. developed the technology using the Quadrabeam principle in their model 475, 476 and Microquad 8000 series and at the same time making them commercially available to most industries.

Moisture Systems grew rapidly and at the time of its acquisition by Thermo Electron in 1996 was occupying a new 60,000 square foot manufacturing center with sales of over 20 million per year. During the next several years the company was relocated to Chelmsford, Massachusetts and finally Minneapolis where the ownership decided to discontinue the product manufacture.

With the market looking for a reliable sensor at a reasonable cost, MoistTech Corp. has become the instrument of choice. We provide an advanced edition of the Near Infrared sensors which are faster and more accurate than any sensor on the market. Moisture Systems Corp. specialized in applications within the Food, Chemical, Forest Product, Paper Converting and Tobacco industries which markets are now being served by MoistTech Corp.

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