Near Infrared Moisture Transmitter

Trust Our Accurate Moisture Readings

With 40 years of experience, MoistTech offers a near infrared moisture transmitter that is the best in the industry. The ability to measure moisture accurately from a variety of locations offers companies a tool that can change the manufacturing process and save money. Accurate, repeatable non-destructive measurements without extensive operator training make the difference. When you have readings you can trust the first time without repeating them, you can react more quickly to corrections that need to be made. Whether you are offline quality control checking or online controlling the process on the conveyor belt, speed and accuracy are necessary. At MoistTech, we offer near infrared moisture transmitters that:

  • Have non-drift optical technology
  • Can be mounted above the conveyor belt for non-contact measurement
  • Can be used offline with a small stand
  • Ignore small gaps in the product
  • Are not affected by temperature or humidity
  • Are built for the rugged factory environment
  • Ignore color changes and size changes in the product being measured
  • Can measure more than moisture—temperature, coating thickness, oil, nicotine, sugar, etc.
  • Works with liquids or solids

Implement Superior Moisture Control Today!

Digital Communication Speeds Up The Process

Our sensors have full digital communications capabilities through RS232 and Ethernet connections. They are compatible with common software. The sensors can be connected to a laptop or PC for control or information can be channeled to multiple workstations for analysis. Ask our engineering staff for more details on setting up a communications network to control your factory.

Calculate your savings by controlling the moisture in your product. Providing real-time measurements:

  • Saves time for your staff
  • Reduces scrap
  • Offers a better quality product
  • Quickens response time
  • Allows audits in the field or of suppliers—on truck or ship

Understand the Process

Using the IR-3000 drastically cuts production costs. It is energy efficient, low maintenance, and decreases startup and down times. Over dried product causes waste; so does product that is too moist. With the IR-3000, these problems will no longer be an issue.

Using the IR-3000, you’ll save money throughout the entire production process, while making the best quality product at the same time. With MoistTech, you don’t need to compromise.