Non-Contact Moisture Sensor

the leading company in moisture management

MoistTech’s non contact moisture sensors are some of the most precise and accurate on the market today. We are the leading company for moisture management in numerous industries and our goal is to create quality non-contact moisture meters without sacrificing affordability

quality control

Non-contact moisture meters have a variety of applications in manufacturing. When creating a product, quality is extremely important. Our non contact moisture sensors use near infrared (NIR) and radio frequency (RF) technologies allowing them to quickly detect moisture variations in the manufacturing process. These technologies allow you to make fine adjustments in real time resulting in product consistency. One time calibration and a non drift optical design make MoistTech’s non contact moisture sensors superior to others on the market.

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where can i use a moisture transmitter

MoistTech non contact moisture sensors have a variety of applications. Some areas where our non contact moisture analyzers can be used include:

Any industry where moisture control has a significant impact on the product is a candidate for MoistTech’s non contact moisture meters.

Users can enjoy many features of MoisTech’s IR-3000 sensor that can immediately benefit the production line. Easy to use and incorporate into many existing systems, we are proud to offer the following features with our IR-3000 series sensors:


pre-calibrated to your application without calibration drifting


optical window contamination alarm/monitor


insensitive to ambient temperatures & lights


store up to 50 different product codes/calibrations


windows operating software for management & control


3 x 4-20mA outputs available


0-10V available


sapphire, kel-F, & Quartz sensor window options


optional explosion proof enclosure

customer support

Though our headquarters are located in Sarasota, Florida, we have support centers in California and New England making it easy to get the customer support you need for our non contact moisture meters. For customers outside of the United States, you can contact our European office or our Asia/Pacific office. We here at MoistTech want to make sure that you get the information you need when it comes to our non contact moisture sensors.

Find out more about all of our non contact moisture sensors and non contact moisture meters. If you have a question about MoistTech’s non contact moisture sensors, our customer service department will be happy to help you. Contact us today.

more options

food products

Our IR-3000F food product sensor can measure moisture, oil, fat/protein and more to meet all production needs.

coke/coal/sinter products

Specifically designed for the dark mineral industry, the CCS-3000 series can measure moisture in dark materials.

IP-67 rated sensor

Ideal for harsh conditions, the IP-67 rated sensor can withstand  wash-downs, and aggressive process applications.