The PACK International Expo Las Vegas has continually grown over the years and is set to bring together close to 30,000 attendees, 2,000 exhibitors, and will be spread over 900,000 net square feet. Attendees will have access to live machinery-in-action and plenty of educational presentations at no additional cost after paid admission.

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Pack International Expo will showcase attendees and exhibitors from industries such as Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices and other packaged goods such as cosmetics/toiletries, electronics, paper/printing and ect. MoistTech will be located at Booth #7774 to demonstrate the importance of being able to detect the proper level of moisture in goods prior to packaging. Stop by our booth to see how the IR-3000 Moisture Sensor can help improve product quality, lower energy cost and reduce waste and lessen downtime.

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