Process Moisture Analyzer

Superior Quality Control

MoistTech is the leading company for process moisture analyzers in numerous industries. MoistTech’s process moisture analyzers are extremely precise and are some of the most accurate on the market today. With over 40 years in the moisture management industry, MoistTech’s goal is to create quality process moisture analyzers without sacrificing affordability.

Process moisture analyzers have a variety of applications in various manufacturing environments. When creating a product, quality is extremely important. Using NIR and RF technologies, our process moisture analyzers can quickly and accurately detect changes in moisture during the manufacturing process. This technology allows you to make fine adjustments in real time resulting in product consistency. One time calibration and a non drift optical design make MoistTech’s process moisture analyzers superior to others on the market.

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Applications of Process Moisture Analyzers

MoistTech non contact moisture sensors have a variety of applications. Some areas where our process moisture analyzers can be used include:

Any industry where moisture control has a significant impact on the product is a candidate for MoistTech’s process moisture analyzers


Locate the point in the production process in which measuring moisture will be the most crucial and beneficial. Identify how you will use the moisture measurement data for improvements and if it will tie into your PLC.

Remember this could involve more than one installation point!


A closed loop process is achieved by incorporating a moisture measurement system into the manufacturing process. Developing a proactive solution to moisture control will avoid costly downfalls. 


MoistTech’s experts will assess your specific application with lab tests, calibrations and accuracy results to ensure our equipment will peform for you. All of our sensors are pre-calibrated prior to being shipped to create a plug-and-play operation for the end-user.


We offer service and support throughout the world for our moisture measurement sensors and would be happy to connect you with a rep in your area. Contact us today for more information!