Until you start working in the food industry, not many people realize that the food they eat requires a specific amount of moisture during the production process. In production & quality control, you know better than anyone that too little or too much moisture can make or break the food you produce. Luckily, when you work with MoistTech we can provide you with high-quality moisture control so that you can focus on producing the highest quality food. Continue reading to learn more!

Improved Product Quality

Food quality is one of the most important things you will have to consider when you’re in the food industry. Whether it’s the number of chips in a bag or the quality of the ingredients, every little step counts. At MoistTech, our job is to make your life easier and your products even better. With our moisture control technology, you can ensure that moisture levels are exactly where you need them to ensure that your products come out perfect every time.

#moisttech sensor scanning food
#moisttech sensor scanning food

Lower Energy Costs and Less Waste

It’s no secret that when you’re constantly adjusting moisture levels, it costs more energy than if you were to have the perfect level at all times. On top of that, any food that was created at a moisture level that was too high or too low may have to be discarded. With the MoistTech moisture control technology, you can monitor moisture levels in real time and make adjustments as needed, which can save you both time and money in the long run.

Proper Dryer Usage and Control

When the food you produce has too much moisture, it can lead to mold and bacteria, which can cause even bigger problems. As a result, the drying process is one of the most important steps. At MoistTech, our moisture control technology makes dryer usage and control that much easier, allowing you to monitor moisture levels during the most critical stages of the production process.

#moisttech sensor scanning food
#moisttech sensor scanning food

Immediate Ability for Line Adjustments

As we mentioned earlier, our MoistTech moisture control technology provides you with real-time readings of the moisture levels in your food. While this helps you monitor the levels as a whole, it can also provide you with the advantage of making adjustments almost immediately. With other systems, the data takes time to load, which means you can’t make adjustments exactly when they’re needed. With our real-time feedback, you can adjust the line as soon as your moisture levels start to change.

At MoistTech, our goal is to make your life easier and your products even better. Instead of trying to keep up with demands using old technology, our moisture control technology can provide you with the data you need to keep your business and your production line strong. Reach out to our team and start working with MoistTech today!