Why Moist Tech’s NIR Devices Are Superior to Competitors

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Near-infrared spectroscopy is the hallmark for one of the most rapidly advancing analytic techniques over the last few decades. By making use of the naturally occurring electromagnetic spectrum, NIR is an accurate and rapid analysis method that is well suited for the quantitative determination of the major constituents in most types of food and agricultural products. MoistTech Corp uses the most advanced NIR technology to provide the most accurate, reliable, and repeatable results on the market today. Get a no-obligation quote for NIR technology for MoistTech today.

#Moist’Tech’s NIR technology device set up and calibrated in a real food processing plant.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Because near-infrared spectroscopy is being used more and more in production environments where staff must be able to perform tests efficiently with a low risk of human error, NIR devices must be high-functioning and easy to use. MoistTech provides NIR device technology that feature options like touch screen operation, performance updates, and calibrations. We improve our instrument performance so we can help save you time and reduce cost.

100% Calibration Compatibility

NIR devices should be 100% backwards compatible with earlier instruments. Why would this be a priority for the team at MoistTech? It makes it seamlessly easy to migrate data without any loss of performance by leveraging existing calibration software. If you’ve ever had to migrate essential data from device to device, you know how cost-effective a machine that can handle that type of function is.

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#MoistTech’s NIR device being used in a food processing plant.

Factory Standardized

MoistTech urges the standardization of NIR devices to maintain consistency of light intensity, bandwidth, and wavelength precision between instruments. Once our devices are up and running, built-in measurement standards control their performance to ensure that no deviations occur over time, keeping continuous control of consistency between instruments. This makes it easy to add new instruments to your operation that use the same calibrations without having to make any modifications. 

True Network Capability

True network capability for effective instrument management is more than just connecting your devices to the internet — it allows you to look inside of the instrument to check performance, making updates or calibrations as needed. Remotely manage and surveillance, update, and calibrate multiple instruments from a single location with MoistTech Corp’s NIR devices.  

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Modern NIR measurement technology allows for efficient and cost-effective food testing analysis, but not all machines are created equal. MoistTech Corporations offers cutting-edge and highly accurate NIR instruments that allow for the swift, large-scale analysis of both liquid and solid food samples. Call us today for a no-obligation quote and get enhanced NIR devices now.