Minimize costs and increase efficiency. Both manufacturers and producers have this forefront on their agenda, especially in today’s economy. Knowing where improvements can be made and implementing increasingly lean operating procedures creates immediate process line results. Wood and biomass moisture measurement can be a crucial aspect of plant production.

Immediately display moisture levels of material

Moisture and wood fuel biomass are vital to each other for minimizing cost, proper operation of biomass boilers, and genuine fuel load assessment. Near-infrared (NIR) technology is a great, non-contact way to measure moisture content, immediately improving the product and overall efficiency of the plant.

Moisture control becomes crucial in wood and biomass products, as excess moisture has impacts that not only affect your product but also the equipment, energy usage, production efficiency, down time, and more.

Wood fuel boilers are optimally designed to operate with fuel that has a limited moisture range content. Fuel outside of the tolerated moisture range of the boiler can lead to multiple inefficiencies, like increased emissions and even errors in the control system. Knowing and maintaining the moisture content is essential to production efficiency and provides multiple immediate benefits.

Minimizing costs is a top priority for producers, and thoroughly evaluating methods of reducing waste can reduce wasted efforts, wasted product, and wasted energy.

Increase Plant Efficiency:

  • Reduce dryer usage and energy costs
  • Proper control of the infeed and dryer exit
  • Consistency of your final product
  • 100% product inspection
  • Process optimization
  • Fuel consumption & water savings
Moisture Measurement in Wood Pellets


The on-line sensors are mounted several inches above the material and can be placed before or after the dryer, on a belt, screw or drag conveyors, chutes, cyclones and bins, pipelines, and pneumatic conveying as well. The MoistTech sensors are not limited to the type of installation and can be mounted in any orientation using many of our measurement accessories. Typical analog range is 1-10% moisture with 0.1-0.2% accuracy.

MoistTech has made a collection of state-of-the-art Windows ™ programs to provide user-friendly interfaces for arrangement, data logging, and monitoring of diagnostics. Our configuration software provides the operator with the capability to monitor up to three constituents and the addition of the temperature option. Output trending is displayed to take corrective action prior to reaching determined thresholds. The MoistTech software is easy to use and compatible with any PC platform.

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MoistTech is a leading global manufacturer of Near-Infrared Moisture Measurement Sensors and equipment; first established by Director John Fordham alongside two other fellow engineers. The company has their head office based in Sarasota, FL, which covers North & South America, and other locations across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Learn more about how the IR-3000’s moisture technology can simplify the manufacturing process: +1 941-727-1800 /