Moisture measurement is a crucial part of many industries, and the wood industry is no exception. When wood products are too dry, they can become brittle and prone to cracking, while wood products that are too wet can warp and degrade over time. To prevent these issues, it’s essential to accurately measure and control moisture levels in wood products. Contact MoistTech today to get a quote on our moisture meter products.





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Why Wood Moisture Measurement Matters

Controlling moisture levels in wood products is critical for several reasons. Moisture content affects the strength and durability of the wood, as well as the weight of wood products. In the lumber industry, calculating the weight of wood products accurately is crucial for shipping and pricing. Moisture content also affects the ability of wood products to absorb and retain coatings, adhesives, and other treatments. 


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How MoistTech’s NIR Moisture Control Devices Can Help

At MoistTech, our moisture meters provide accurate and reliable readings of moisture levels in wood products. By placing the moisture sensor above the wood product, our device can continuously monitor the production process and can control the moisture content automatically or manually. 



Benefits of MoistTech’s NIR Moisture Meters 

Our wood moisture meters offer several advantages over other measurement methods. They provide accurate and reliable readings without damaging or altering the product, and they real-time measurements that allow manufacturers to adjust the production process in real time. 



Applications for Wood Moisture Measurement 

Our moisture detectors can be used in various applications within the wood industry. In the production of sawn timber, manufacturers can use moisture meters to optimize the drying process and ensure that the wood is sufficiently dry before further processing. In the production of paper and cardboard, MoistTech’s devices can be used to control the moisture content of wood pulp. Finally, in the manufacturing of furniture and cabinetry, MoistTech’s devices can be used to control the moisture content of finished products to ensure optimal functionality and durability. 


Moisture measurement is critical to the wood industry in terms of product strength, weight, and performance. MoistTech‘s NIR moisture control devices provide an accurate and reliable measurement solution that allows manufacturers to monitor and control the moisture content in their products. For more information on how MoistTech’s wood moisture measurement devices can benefit your business, contact us today.