Moisture Measurement & Control From Lab to Line

Near-Infrared Moisture Measurement Technology

MoistTech Provides Instant Process Optimization with Moisture Measurement & Control

MoistTech Corp.® represents the diamond standard in robust, reliable, and dependable near-infrared (NIR) moisture measurement and control technology. Manufacturing a range of online sensors and at-line devices for moisture measurement and real-time process control for numerous applications, the technology can also monitor thickness, coat weight, oil, fat/protein content, and other elements that absorb NIR light.


Consider what you spend (or lose) on wasted products, lack of efficiency, product consistency, environmental costs, and quality control. The MoistTech Corp. system solves many common problems on the manufacturing line.


MoistTech understands the savings that come from accurate, controlled moisture in the manufacturing process. Our online moisture detectors are rugged and accurate, providing top-of-the-line results. With the ability to measure and control humidity in almost any material, our meters send out digital or analog signals to allow for software control of your manufacturing process. We can communicate from the sensor to your laptop, PC, or network through RS232 or Ethernet TCP/IP protocols.


Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height, and color, MoistTech developed the IR-3000 series of online sensors for an instant, non-contact measurement of many products and raw materials in the harshest manufacturing environments. Continually monitoring and controlling moisture levels allows operating personnel to make immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements confidently.

The sensors require a one-time calibration and are manufactured with a non-drift optical design to provide continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance. Production efficiency improvements due to accurate real-time measurements provide both energy savings and potential increased productivity with lower material losses. Our moisture testers use state-of-the-art components allowing installation in the most extreme locations.

Common Installation Locations Include:

  • Common Installation Locations Include:
  • Belt, Screw, Drag, and Enclosed Conveyors
  • Chutes, Cyclones, and Bins
  • Before / After Dryer
  • Webs
  • Pipeline or Pneumatic Conveying
  • Fluid Bed Dryers
  • Storage Bins

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Featured Moisture Sensor Applications

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Mineral & Bulk Materials

Testing moisture content throughout the manufacturing process saves manufacturers energy and fuel costs and creates less product waste. With continuous NIR online moisture testing, manufacturers can monitor moisture levels in real-time and precisely optimize and control their dryers.


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Human/Snack Foods

The amount of water a product contains can affect its taste, appearance, consistency, stability, and shelf life. Testing the final product’s moisture levels with a food moisture meter ensures the products have the highest quality and consistency.

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Animal Foods

Monitoring the moisture content in the raw materials and during the mixing/blending process of the feed ensures the final product has consistent quality. It also enables substantial savings during the production process.


MoistTech’s state-of-the-art moisture reader is ideally suited to measure the moisture levels, water and solvent-based coatings, and coat weight during the paper/converting process. The moisture gauge improves the manufacturers’ product quality, increases productivity, and saves money.

Wood Products

MoistTech offers the most advanced wood moisture meter for the non-contact measurement of moisture in forest products such as fiber, sawdust, hog fuel, wood flakes, and wood particles allowing wood product manufacturers to adjust moisture levels using real-time information. By using these sensors, manufacturers have fewer costs associated with raw materials and fuel, produce higher yields, and create more uniform products.


Moisture content varies widely in raw materials, and at different points in the production process, so non-contact moisture measurement is essential for achieving an outstanding final product. By ensuring that textiles are neither too wet nor too dry at key points in the production process, you’ll get a final product with consistent quality and cost savings from reduced waste and downtime.


What’s worse than a wasted effort? Economic losses and decreased productivity. Excess moisture in products such as hog fuel, waste fiber, wood chips, pellets, sawdust, shavings, and forest waste can ruin products. MoistTech’s online and at-line monitoring solutions can provide the most efficient way to measure moisture content.


Dryer control is the most sensitive area of the tobacco process. Thousands of kilos per hour are processed where volume, temperature, and input moisture vary. The MoistTech model 828 tobacco moisture controller allows the user to monitor and control this process to within tenths of a percent.

MoistTech Ranks #1 Among Customers:

MoistTech Corp. is a global leader for Moisture Measurement Sensors and equipment supply for the just about every big and small industry. At MoistTech, customer service and product performance are at the heart of our corporate culture. We are proud of our commitment to providing optimal customer solutions for a variety of industries.

"The addition of the MoistTech IR3000s have provided me with the ability to control our process by instantly increasing or decreasing the material flow into the dryer. This variation of our material flow is based on the moisture content and belt scales to provide a dry weight. Prior to the MoistTech technology proved to be a guessing game and time consuming OWL laboratory tests post dryer"

“Based on your [customer service] interactions with me over the demo period, the products ease of use and user manual clarity, self-repair capability and matching competing warranties … in the end you were not the cheapest but the other factors listed ruled the day”

"The system is working very well with an efficiency improvement of 400-600 % improvement in moisture control. We are also looking at promoting this to a best practice suitable for our other plants and shingle lines."

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