Moisture control issues affecting your manufacturing process? MoistTech can help solve those issues and provide a non-contact solution that instantly provides ROI, increases production efficiency, reduce wasted product and so much more.

Immediate results can be seen from reduced transportation costs from excess moisture, savings in water usage from dust suppression and clean up along with the wear and tear on equipment due to ash and dust buildup, preventing blockages on the conveyor resulting in shutting down the boiler.


Consistency & Quality

Immediate ROI is seen with the installation of a moisture measurement system as the plant controllers can instantaneously notice the reduced waste, energy usage & overall increase in product quality.

  • Non-Contact
  • No-Drift
  • Insensitive to Material Variations
  • No Maintenance
  • Increased Production Efficiency
  • Reduced Waste & Energy costs.

These are just a few ways you can increase ROI instantly with moisture measurement and control with MoistTech Corp.

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Customer Feedback

Issues: Looking for a more efficient method to provide results more rapidly.

Solution: MoistTech 858 Lab unit

Using it to check moisture in plastics. If the moisture content is too high, the material will degrade during processing and will produce brittle parts. Quicker time to do a moisture test, don’t need to wait several minutes to see if the material is ready for production. Therefore, it speeds up production.”

Customer Feedback

Issues: Need a way to measure coat weight before the process is complete. Coating application problems are often not detected until after the process is finished.  Errors in the determination of consumed adhesive and substrate will result in false coat weights.  The ratio will only average the entire process, and cannot detect missing or uneven coatings.

Solution: MoistTech IR3000 unit, traversing

The IR3000 sensor combined with the programmable linear slide provides us with real time coat weight readings across every part of the substrate.  Problems are corrected early in the process, resulting in substantial reductions in waste.  Set up times are reduced as much as 50% because lab tests are no longer required to verify coat weights.”

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#MoistTech sensor

Instant ROI

Consistency is the ultimate test of quality. Therefore, figuring out the necessary requirement of manufacturing a product and consistently achieving that standard is quality control. Moisture control is a huge determinant to the overall quality of a product, and MoistTech Corp gives you the data that will allow you to maintain a level of consistency hence better quality control.

Back your production with the best moisture control technology from MoistTech Corp. We’ll help ensure that you can increase productivity while reducing waste in your factory.