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found in the production of converting materials

Did you know that moisture & coating control within converting applications such as pulp, paper, films, corrugated materials, hot melts and more, can quickly determine the product quality? We manufacture a near-infrared solution that is directly incorporated into the line for real-time, accurate readings


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Incorporating a moisture or coating measurement control system directly into the processing line allows for increased quality control, instant control over the line to make adjustements where necessary – no more shutting down the line or having an abundance of wasted product, decrease energy usage and fine tune the dryer!

Near Infrared Technology

We utilize Near-Infrared technology to provide a non-contact, non-destructive analysis of the product

Moisture & Coat Weight

With one unit you can measure both moisture and coat weight, and still save over the competitor

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Installation in the most extreme conditions is possible with MoistTech – designed for effectiveness, the NIR moisture and coat weight sensor provides instant, non-contact readings of materials almost anywhere in the production process.

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we can measure…


paper & pulp



pressure sensitive adhesives

corrugated materials


hot melt



and more!