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The presence of moisture in any industry has detrimental effects on efficiency and general power consumption. That moisture can originate from various sources. If the moisture is not controlled, it can rise to unacceptable levels that are not ideal for product integrity and also equipment operation. But where does the moisture come from exactly? See some common sources of moisture and get factory moisture control support from MoistTech Corp today!

From Raw Materials

It goes without saying that some raw materials often have water. During the manufacturing process, the water evaporates into the air, causing a significant build-up of humidity that is not ideal for manufacturing. Sometimes the steps that are involved in the manufacturing process could also cause the level of moisture in the air to noticeably increase.

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Weather Outside

The weather conditions outside also influence the amount of moisture in your factory. This is especially true during the wet season where the average humidity is higher than normal. An average of 50% to 60% of humidity or moisture is acceptable in most factories.

Temperature Inside the Building

The temperature inside the factory has a direct influence on the amount of moisture or humidity you get. Higher temperatures cause the air to dry up and reduce the amount of moisture in the air. On the other hand, cooler temperatures are perfect for holding moisture.

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The Production Process

Some production processes are often the cause of moisture in factories. In fact, for manufacturing industries, the production process is often the immediate contributing factor for humidity and moisture in the factory.

Unacceptable moisture levels in any factory have devastating consequences to the quality of materials produced, as well as the health of the people working in the factory. The first step towards factory moisture control is understanding how the moisture gets into the factory. Find factory moisture control solutions from MoistTech Corp today!