MoistTech Corp. and Weighing & Inspection Announce a Strong Partnership to Enhance Customer Experience Across the Benelux

MoistTech Corp and Belgium based company Weighing & Inspection have announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced moisture measurement capabilities for manufactured materials to customers in the Benelux region. The partnership will deliver a unique workflow capability focused on improving productivity and efficiency, streamlining operations for customers by implementing Near-Infrared (NIR) technology for moisture measurement and control. The new workflow tools will prove indispensable to any professional manufacturing organization world-wide. An initial primary focus will be developing a joint marketing capability to demonstrate to customers in the Benelux how advanced moisture control technology can measurably drive quality and efficiency.

“MoistTech Corp. is excited to partner with Weighing & Inspection to enhance our delivery of new features to the moisture measurement industry. This will enable us to become more efficient and reduce costs for a larger audience.” said Adrian Fordham, President of MoistTech Corp.

“By partnering with Weighing & Inspection, MoistTech Corp. is helping to improve workflow the world over,” said John Fordham, Managing Director, MoistTech Corp. “Combining our technology with Weighing & Inspection’s powerful and far-reaching workflow means that together we can extend the reach of our most advanced technology.”

Johan Bauwens, owner and General Manager of Weighing & Inspection, believes that the cooperation with MoistTech is an absolute added value and is thrilled to be working in partnership with the global leader in NIR technology. “Working together which such a high-level partner with such huge domain-specific knowledge is a delight and will definitely increase our position in the market. The massive experience that MoistTech has, combined with their excellent support, will, without any doubt, lead to a successful and fruitful long-term relationship”.

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