Indian Moisture Sensors

MoistTech has been supplying moisture readings to industries around the world for nearly 40 years. Headquartered in the United States, we have offices worldwide to provide faster, more courteous service to our international customers. Indian moisture sensors from MoistTech Middle East provide a cost-effective solution for companies with concerns about moisture in their products.

MoistTech is the industry leader in high-speed near infrared (NIR) and radio frequency (RF) moisture sensors and in controlling software for both online and offline applications. Whether you need control on a conveyor belt, in a laboratory, in the field or for quality checkpoints, we have the instrumentation you need.

Join Thousands of Companies Using Moisture Sensors to Improve Their Products

Companies worldwide are using MoistTech moisture sensors to identify products that have too much or too little moisture in them. Thousands of highly accurate readings per second can be sent to a controlling computer for instant adjustments of dryers and other equipment to keep your conveyor belt moving while providing a consistent product outcome. Some of these industries are:

Examine the Versatility Available in Indian Moisture Sensors

Our drift-free analyzers can be found in thousands of applications worldwide. Our versatility allows for measurements of other types of applications as well. Based on our new IR-3000 NIR moisture sensor and software technology, we can provide readings and control of:

  • Coating thickness
  • Fat
  • Nicotine
  • Oil
  • Plastic film thickness
  • Protein
  • Resin content
  • Sugar
  • Seasonings

Enjoy These Advantages in Our Moisture Sensors

Our non-contact, non-drift moisture sensors offer many advantages:

  • Online and offline models
  • Handheld or mounted above the production line
  • Designed for a rugged environment – no problems with temperature or humidity fluctuations
  • No maintenance or recalibrations required
  • Ignores changes in product color, particle size, or material height
  • Can be programmed to ignore conveyor belt screws

Get More Information about Indian Moisture Sensors

Contact us today to learn how MoistTech series of moisture sensor products can fit your industry needs. Our highly-skilled engineers would be glad to talk with you about your application and provide solutions for you. Request a quote to see how much you can save by controlling your moisture during production with a MoistTech moisture sensor.

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