How Are You Currently Ensuring Product Quality?

Does the measurement of Moisture, Coating or Thickness play a role in the proper production of your product? MoistTech Corp.’s manufactures a range of sensors and gauges  to measure Moisture content, Oil content and Fat content as well as the Thickness / Coat Weight of Coatings, Hot Melts, Glues, Adhesives, Printing and more. Accuracy and reliability are our main focus points for you as a customer and we come with over 40 years of industry knowledge and experience at your disposal.

MoistTech has installations in almost every type of application including harsh applications and environments where other gauges could easily break down. The MoistTech sensor currently operates in thousands of applications worldwide and we are confident our technology will help you provide a better-quality product, increased production and add money to your bottom line. You can browse some popular applications below OR contact us to discuss your specific application in more detail.


Here Are Just a Few of Our Popular Applications:

Coal and Sinter Products Moisture

Converting and Thickness

Food Moisture

Minerals and Bulk Materials Moisture

Pulp and Paper Moisture

Renewable Energy

Textiles & Nonwovens

Tobacco Moisture

Wood Products Moisture 

More Applications 

Accuracy and Reliability

What’s worse than a wasted effort? Economical losses and decreased productivity. The accuracy and reliability of MoistTech’s line of sensors sets them apart from the competition with their state-of-the-art Near-Infrared technology.

Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height & color, the 3000 series sensors provide continuous, reliable readings. Production efficiency improvements due to accurate real-time measurements provide both energy savings and potential increased productivity with lower material losses.

Our sensors use state-of-the-art components al#lowing installation in the most extreme locations. As a result of MoistTech’s advanced digital processing, only the 3000 series provides true data regardless of gaps and interruptions of product flow on the belt or screw conveyors. In addition to the MoistTech management software, we offer several read-out options to display and / or adjust the measurement outputs.

Show Me The ROI

Start seeing the ROI in the FIRST 30 DAYS of use! With reduced waste, increased productivity, less down time and improved product lines, the utilization of a MoistTech system is essential to proper quality control. We are confident our system is the best fit for your application and better yet, we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to ensure success with our customers.

Consider what you spend – or lose – on wasted product, lack of efficiency, consistency of product, environmental costs and quality control. The MoistTech Corp. system solves many of the common problems found on the manufacturing line.

Testimonials are available to view on our site here and we also live videos of many application installations:


MoistTech Corp. YouTube Channel

Here you can view multiple videos with in field feed of the moisture and thickness sensors in action.