NIR (Near-Infrared) Outperforms Microwave & RF Technology

Multiple Methods to Suit

There are several ways to measure moisture and multiple technologies available. Different methods of measurement work better with some products than others. We are proud to offer near-infrared technology which can be supeior to microwave & radio frequency moisture measurement in numerous applications. 

MoistTech is well known as a leader in NIR Near Infrared moisture sensors. The precision of NIR moisture sensors can help increase the quality of your product resulting in less lost time and money. With over 40+ years in the moisture control industry, MoistTech’s has experience in many technologies including microwave moisture sensors and Radio Frequency moisture sensors. We manufacture only the best for just about every application and that has proven to be Near Infrared.

Control Moisture Levels Now!


Unsurpassed in performance, our sensors can accurately measure  moisture within tenths of a percent of most applications


MoistTech sensors withstand the test of time and are low to zero maintenance


Rely on MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors to never drift or need re-calibration


A moisture measurement system is essential for the production process and in some cases will pay for itself in less than 30 days

The Superior System

While there are other NIR moisture sensors on the market today, MoistTech’s goal has been to improve upon these systems to create a superior moisture sensor. Combining our long experience with improvements suggested by our customers, we’ve designed a better, more precise and more accurate NIR moisture sensor.

More Precise Than Microwave 

The 3000 Series Near Infrared moisture sensor is designed to not only be more accurate but to be low maintenance as well. An initial calibration is all it takes, and our NIR moisture sensor is ready to go. The IR-3000 uses NIR technology to take precise measurements in percentage wet and percentage dry, allowing you to make real time adjustments either automatically or manually. Our NIR moisture sensor will help you achieve a better, more consistent product.

French Moisture Sensors

Trust the Specialists at MoistTech

At MoistTech, we understand that time is money. We know that you want to get the highest quality product out to your consumers in the most efficient manner possible. That’s why we’ve designed a better NIR moisture sensor. With support centers throughout the world, MoistTech is ready and willing to help you set up a NIR moisture sensor in your industry. Contact us today.

With a variety of technologies available, MoistTech can match a manufacturing moisture measuring application to the best technology for the product being measured and get the best available results.


Locate the point in the production process in which measuring moisture will be the most crucial and beneficial. Identify how you will use the moisture measurement data for improvements and if it will tie into your PLC.

Remember this could involve more than one installation point!


A closed loop process is achieved by incorporating a moisture measurement system into the manufacturing process. Developing a proactive solution to moisture control will avoid costly downfalls. 


MoistTech’s experts will assess your specific application with lab tests, calibrations and accuracy results to ensure our equipment will peform for you. All of our sensors are pre-calibrated prior to being shipped to create a plug-and-play operation for the end-user.


We offer service and support throughout the world for our moisture measurement sensors and would be happy to connect you with a rep in your area. Contact us today for more information!

Optimize Control of the Production Line

The precision of NIR sensors helps to increase the quality of the final product and with 100% inspection, the consistency increases. Less time is lost with downtimes, startups, and scrap decreases. These improvements help the bottom line.

Get extremely accurate readings where you need them most. Our non-contact moisture sensors can be:

  • Mounted above your conveyor belts
  • Mounted before and after dryers or sprayers
  • In the lab, in the field, or by quality control

Trust the Specialists at MoistTech for Your Near Infrared Moisture Applications

For over 40 years, we have been the industry leader in moisture measurement. Headquartered in Florida, we have offices around the world to meet our customer needs. Contact us for information about our moisture measurement devices and request a quote today to move towards improving your bottom line.

With a variety of technologies available, MoistTech can match a manufacturing moisture measuring application to the best technology for the product being measured and get the best available results.