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Although it’s not technically the end of the quarter just yet, MoistTech has had so many exciting announcements and changes since the new year, we thought it was time to review and bring everyone up to speed!

We’ve moved, gained new partnerships, created new materials, debuted new sensor technology, reached an installation milestone and have had several successful mentions and views since the New Year and are excited to share those changes with you!


MoistTech has an A Rating with ISN Connect. In 2018 MoistTech Corp. gained at A-Rating recognition with ISN #Connect, allowing contractors to review and request health and safety procurement, quality and regulatory information prior to doing business with someone.

A Moisture in Waste video debuted LinkedIn 2/14/2018 from an installation done in The Benelux Region with an increased interest from around the world – who knew we could measure in waste products! Check out the video and #many more on our YouTube channel here

Our 2018 Trade Show schedule has been released. MoistTech Corp. will be in Asia, North America, Europe and South America this year with our Near-Infrared Technology and encourage you to stop by our booths and see us! See the full schedule here or on our Facebook page under events.

We Have Settled in nicely into our new 8,000 square foot facility at 6408 Parkland Drive Sarasota FL. This facility allows us accommodate the growing number of sales, staff and marketing efforts, as well as expand our lab & sample testing facility and calibration departments. #

A New Partnership was formed with Weighing and Inspection, to provide advanced moisture measurement capabilities for manufactured materials to customers in the Benelux region. The partnership delivers a unique workflow capability focused on improving productivity and efficiency, streamlining operations for customers by implementing Near-Infrared (NIR) technology for moisture measurement and control. #

A Milestone of 50,000 installations was achieved in 2018 …. and counting! MoistTech has operated with the support of business for over 40 years, manufacturing the world’s most accurate near-infrared (NIR) industrial #moisture measurement gauges and has installed over 50,000 gauges to date. With thousands of different applications, we are confident we can improve your product with moisture measurement as well. 

We aren’t even through Quarter 1 and have plenty more to unveil this year – stay tuned for more news and events though our Facebook Page, Follow Us on Twitter  or Contact us to discuss your specific application questions today! +1 941 727 1800