Controlling the moisture level and temperatures of your business’s materials are keen ways to maintain a steady production line and profits. MoistTech Corp has over 50 years of industry experience when it comes to making sure our manufacturing clients’ materials remain protected on the production line, with our near-infrared moisture control devices. Our MoistTech IR3000 series sensor is more than capable of working with companies around the world, working with a variety of materials that need to be kept in a moist-controlled area. Today on our blog we’re explaining how our sensors can help with moisture measurement in hydrated lime!

Meet All Quality Control Factors

Your business’ manufacturing line and production has a responsibility to protect the quality of the materials you work with, in order to preserve them for later use. The MoistTech IR3000 series sensor is an easy, hands-free way to keep track of moisture measurement in hydrated lime as it moves through the hands of your employees. Hydrated lime has several different uses in the construction of buildings, in civil engineering and the chemical industry, in agriculture, and in drinking water treatment. Ensure this material is at its best and capable of withstanding its intended use by monitoring moisture measurement in hydrated lime with MoistTech Corp.

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Prevent Deterioration Of The Material

Maintaining a moisture-controlled environment for the products your industry works with is crucial to prevent them from deteriorating and potentially becoming unusable. In this case, moisture measurement in hydrated lime must be taken into account because the angle of repose can vary considerably; if there is too much moisture, it can cause blockages in slaked lime and make it difficult to transport the materials. The MoistTech IR3000 series sensor uses near-infrared technology to detect and report moisture measurements in hydrated lime, making sure it doesn’t become an unusable product!

Easily Install MoistTech Devices For Production & Assembly

MoistTech Corp devices are easy to install on your production or assembly line and are more than capable of tracking moisture measurements in hydrated lime as you go about your day. Simply install the MoistTech IR3000 series sensor onto any hopper, silo, material line, belt or screw conveyor and the data results are displayed onto an external display or PC. By investing in this type of technology, your company will reduce the chances of handling unusable products.

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Reap Short- & Long-Term Benefits

Our IR-3000 series of sensors are designed to help your business not only improve moisture measurement in hydrated lime, but also to preserve the quality of the product itself. Prevent further waste and wasted energy costs by handling hydrated lime that has too much moisture, while also optimizing your production line process. With the help of MoistTech Corp, your entire plant’s efficiency can increase dramatically, as our near-infrared sensors can withstand the harshest of manufacturing conditions and are unaffected by ambient light. Browse our sensors to better keep track of moisture measurement in hydrated lime.

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Optimize Your Manufacturing Process With MoistTech Corp

Make sure every aspect of your business’ production line is optimized, efficient, and running smoothly. The MoistTech Corp IR-3000 series of sensors is perfect for measuring moisture levels in your products and protecting them from deterioration. Browse all our products online and place your order today!