Moisture content is one of the most important factors to consider when producing plastic film. The thickness of the material can fluctuate based on moisture levels, which will produce products that vary in quality. MoistTech Corp understands how crucial consistency is for your business and offers a non-contact solution that provides accurate moisture readings with minimal downtime. Our MoistTech IR3000 series sensor is ideal for use as a film thickness sensor. In this blog, we are explaining how MoistTech Corp moisture sensors can help with moisture measurement in plastic films!

Consistently Ensuring Quality Product

When moisture levels fluctuate, it can cause significant changes to the thickness of plastic film. These inconsistencies mean that your final product will have varying quality depending on when in production they were created. The MoistTech IR3000 uses near-infrared (NIR) technology to accurately measure the moisture levels of your plastic film, offering a solution that meets all quality control factors.

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#MoistTech IR3000 sensor

Detect Moisture Levels at Different Stages of the Process

The moisture levels of your plastic film can change at different stages throughout the process. It is important to have a consistent product from start to finish, which means being able to detect moisture content accurately and frequently. The MoistTech IR3000 sensor is designed to provide accurate moisture measurements as often as needed to improve the manufacturing line and product.

Reduce Waste and Downtime

Inconsistent film thickness can lead to wasted products and downtime in your manufacturing process. With a moisture sensor from MoistTech Corp, you can reduce waste and improve the efficiency of your line. Our sensors are designed to be easy to maintain and withstand even the harshest environments, so you can rely on them for accurate readings day in and day out.

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#MoistTech Sensor

Easy Installation

When using moisture sensors on your line, it is important to have a solution that can be easily installed. MoistTech Corp moisture control sensors can easily be installed into any hopper, silo, material line, belt, or screw conveyor. Moisture data results can be displayed onto an external display or PC.

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The importance of moisture measurement in plastic films is crucial to quality control. That’s where the MoistTech IR3000 series sensor comes in. This moisture sensor is designed to provide accurate readings in a variety of industrial settings, so you can be sure that your line is running smoothly and producing a consistent product.