Measuring the moisture content in powdered drinks is an important quality control step. With low moisture content, products can be packaged at the optimum moisture level to increase shelf life and product quality. With the correct low moisture content, reactions in powdered drinks stored at room temperature take place so slowly that the nutritive value is not affected even after years of storage.


It is important to have a moisture sensor that can accurately measure and control the moisture in your process. MoistTech Corp.® provides near-infrared (NIR) moisture measurement and control technology that can help improve your process. Keep reading to learn more and contact us to receive a quote!


Near-Infrared (NIR) Technology

MoistTech utilizes near-infrared (NIR) technology that allows for a non-contact solution to provide accurate moisture content readings. Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height, and color, the sensors provide a continuous, reliable reading with zero drift and no maintenance. Operational personnel can make immediate line adjustments based on real-time measurements. You can be sure that your product meets the required moisture specifications with MoistTech’s moisture sensors.


Spray Drying

The typical target moisture content in powdered drinks is 0.3-4%; spray drying is the primary method used for drying drink powder in the industry. It consists of atomizing the feed, spray-air contact, drying, and separating the dried product from the drying air. The online NIR moisture sensors are used by quality control personnel to continuously measure and monitor the moisture content after the spray drying process and/or just before packaging.



The online moisture sensors can be installed with ease into any production line and the moisture results are displayed on an external display or PC. Fine-tuning the setup and process of the manufacturing line allows for instant improvements both in the product and in the efficiency in which it is produced.


Benefits of our Moisture Control

The immediate benefits of our NIR moisture control system include: 

  • Improved Product Quality
  • Lower Waste & Energy Costs
  • Process Optimization
  • Increased Plant Efficiency
  • Dryer Control
  • Reduced Downtime

Our moisture measurement and control system can prevent low productivity due to undesirable moisture levels. Ensure the moisture measurement in your powdered drinks is accurate by installing a moisture sensor from MoistTech Corp.®. Discover the effect of NIR moisture control and get your quote today!