Moisture measurement is important for moisture control. This blog post discusses moisture measurements in wood chips, and moisture sensor calibration. We also cover the importance of moisture control for products that are susceptible to dimensional change or rot due to moisture content variations.

Importance of Moisture Measurements in Wood Chips

Moisture content variations can cause products that are susceptible to rot or dimensional change. In the manufacturing of wood chips, it is important to have a moisture measurement process in order to maintain moisture levels and product quality.

#MoistTech sensor above wood chips
#MoistTech sensor above wood chips

Moisture Sensor Calibration

Moisture sensors are used to measure moisture content in wood chips. There are several ways moisture sensor calibration is done, but the most common method is with a moisture box that uses an oven and humidity generator.

Accurately Detect Moisture Levels In Your Wood Chips

If you want to make sure you have the perfect moisture levels in your wood chips, then the IR-3000 moisture detector from MoistTech is exactly what you need. Specifically designed to be unaffected by ambient light or material variations, our moisture detectors can help make your business even more efficient.

#MoistTech sensor above wood chips
#MoistTech sensor above wood chips

Easy Installation

Our wood chip moisture detectors can be installed on any preexisting hopper, screw conveyor, or belt. With our moisture meters, you can get accurate and instantaneous moisture measurements that will help you maintain product quality.

#Moisture Measurement in Wood Chips

Moisture measurement is important for moisture control in the manufacturing of wood chips. When you need accurate moisture measurement in wood chips, make sure you contact MoistTech to get a quote today!