Moisture Measurement & Control Creates Increased Quality

Incorporating a moisture measurement system into the production line creates an immediate increase in efficiency, quality, production, and time management across the plant.

#Image of moisture sensor that detects moisture in tiger nuts

Follow These Simple Steps to Ensure the Best Moisture System:

1. evaluate the current plant process to implement cost-effective improvements relating to moisture control

2. decide where moisture measurement and control is needed within the production line

3. Choose a technology that best suits your application needs

4. replace old processes and technology with state-of-the-art equipment


Implementing New Processes

Highlighting areas of improvement can provide the increase in quality needed to boost production.



Identifying key areas in the production line for moisture control provides:

  • decrease in wasted/out-of-spec product
  • less downtime
  • reduced energy use
  • proper dryer control
  • increased productivity

Proven Technology

MoistTech only uses the most accurate technology for moisture control: Near Infrared.

Competing sensors provide various issues:

  • drifting over time
  • re-calibration
  • produce less reflective light
  • height interference

Immediate ROI

Users have reported an immediate increase in plant efficiency & product quality – an instant ROI!

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