NIR Moisture Control

Why Infrared is the Best Choice for Moisture Control

NIR Moisture Control is a technology that is specifically used with all MoistTech products and sensors. NIR, or Infrared Moisture technology, has a multitude of benefits that can improve your production line and overall product. Today, we’re discussing some of the benefits and reasons why you should utilize NIR Moisture Control technology. Regardless of what industry you’re in, our sensors have been used in so many industries and production lines. You can easily find a representative about product inquiry or connect with us directly online to learn more!

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Fast and Efficient Imaging

Unlike other measurement tools, our NIR Moisture Control is extremely fast and efficient when it comes to providing you real time data. Our NIR spectroscopy imaging gives you the chemical and physical information of virtually any matrix. This data can help you decide how to continue with production and if you need to make any changes or adjustments when it comes to the moisture content. MoistTech gives you fast and accurate results allowing you to produce the best quality product.

Ratio Based Measurement

Our NIR technology is a ratio-based measurement with a prime beam. This eliminates the sensitivity of distance and helps improve the accuracy by providing a no-drift design. This design is unique to MoistTech and allows for extremely accurate measurements with more detail than other sensors. Even the most difficult applications can be measured by our sensors.

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Better Accuracy Than The Competition

NIR technology has both performance and accuracy benefits that take other competing technologies by storm. Our NIR sensors have the ability to store up to 50 product codes and calibrations, making it easy for you to know what the makeup of your product is like. These codes and calibrations can also be altered and changed giving you the power of immediate adjustment for your product.

Saves Costs

Many other technologies require consistent re-calibrations and can have elements that will interfere with your product line. MoistTech’s NIR sensors provide you with hundreds of readings per second that can be displayed and read at any time during the process, giving you more hands-on access to the capabilities of your production line. This can also help save you costs when it comes to the actual production and your overall product. Instead of having to find out the quality of your product after it’s completed, you’ll be able to make adjustments as you go, saving you more time too.

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NIR Moisture Technology is specific to MoistTech and allows you to produce the highest quality product. Get accurate measurements with the best sensors on the market today. To learn more about NIR and how it can benefit your production line, visit us online to find a product representative or connect with our experts directly!