Stop Losing Time and Money from Moisture

MoistTech offers industrial companies the opportunity to take advantage of NIR moisture measuring sensors. These sensors come with a variety of benefits that can improve your plant’s efficiency, save you time and money, and so much more. Learn about some of the benefits of NIR sensors and why we use them! Get started with MoistTech today, and connect with our representatives online or on the phone.

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Why We Use NIR Technology

NIR technology, or near-infrared technology, is a state of the art, fast, non-destructive method of measuring and controlling the moisture content in your products. This technology is not only proven, but it allows you to measure moisture without coming into contact with the product itself. You can easily measure without disturbing the production process and you get instant and effective measurements. These measurements can also allow you to use your equipment longer.

Why You Need to Control Temperature

Moisture control can be used in a variety of ways. For example, moisture content in most products can have an undesirable effect on the final product. A product that has a higher moisture content or lower can drastically affect the way it functions. By controlling and adjusting the moisture content throughout the process, you can eliminate many common issues. This leaves you with a higher quality end product.

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Increased Plant Efficiency

Just as we mentioned, moisture content can have strong effects on your final product. Whether you’re working in the food, wood, tobacco, chemical, or any other variety of industry, you want to make sure that you produce the highest quality product. Our sensors can help improve the efficiency of your plant. Our sensors measure the moisture content quickly, and give you accurate almost instant data that you can alter right there to adjust to any moisture level. Increase your efficiency with our moisture sensors, they can even store up to about 50 codes and calibrations.

Measure More Than Just Moisture

MoistTech NIR sensors have the ability to measure more than just moisture! Our sensors can measure coating weight, sheet and film thickness, oil, protein, temperature, and other elements that absorb NIR light. The accuracy and repeatability is in the +/- 0.01% -0.1% range, depending on the application. So, not only are you investing in the quality of your products, but your sensors can help you with a wide range of other measurements, allowing you to produce the best results!

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NIR Moisture Technology is specific to MoistTech and allows you to produce the highest quality product on your production line. Get accurate measurements and real time results. To learn more about NIR and how it can benefit your production line, visit us online to find a product representative or connect with our experts directly!