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Are you curious about the latest innovations shaping the pet food industry? Look no further than MoistTech Corp., the global leader in moisture measurement and control. Their cutting-edge IR3000-F series moisture sensors offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability that improve quality, productivity, and energy efficiency in the pet food industry.

Why is moisture control so crucial in the production of animal kibble? Maintaining consistent moisture levels is not just about preserving quality and taste; it directly impacts the composition of the product. Moisture content influences the percentages of essential ingredients like protein, carbohydrates, and fats, ensuring a balanced blend that meets nutritional standards. With the IR3000-F series, MoistTech introduces a game-changing solution for precise moisture analysis of virtually any pet food or raw material.

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What Sets Us Apart

What sets the IR3000-F apart is its state-of-the-art Near Infrared (NIR) technology, which offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Unlike traditional methods that require frequent recalibration, these sensors are pre-calibrated at the factory with customer samples, guaranteeing consistent performance over time. With the ability to store up to 50 product calibrations in one sensor, the IR3000-F ensures flexibility and ease of use across various pet food formulations.

One of the standout features of MoistTech’s technology is its resilience to material variations and environmental factors. The IR3000-F remains unaffected by changes in material height, color, ambient temperature, or lighting conditions, providing accurate readings regardless of the operating environment. Moreover, advanced software algorithms automatically compensate for potential interferences such as small gaps, foreign objects, and conveyor surfaces, ensuring precise moisture measurements every time.

Unlike competing sensors that may introduce heat-related inaccuracies, the IR3000-F utilizes cast aluminum enclosures to efficiently disperse heat, maintaining optimal operating conditions without compromising accuracy. This not only ensures superior performance but also translates into tangible benefits for pet food manufacturers, including enhanced product quality, reduced downtime, and minimized waste.

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Online Measurement

By enabling real-time, continuous moisture measurement, the IR3000-F empowers operational personnel to make immediate adjustments, optimizing the production process for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, the integration of NIR technology enables precise control of ovens, dryers, roasters, and fryers, leading to significant energy savings and sustainable production practices.

Installation and integration of the IR3000-F sensor into existing production lines are seamless, requiring no additional hardware or software investments. Its non-contact design minimizes contamination risks and maintenance requirements, allowing for uninterrupted operation without disrupting manufacturing processes.

From wet and dry kibble to fish food pellets and soft or hard pet foods, the IR3000-F caters to a wide range of animal food products, revolutionizing the way pet food manufacturers approach moisture control.

For pet food producers seeking to enhance the quality, productivity, and energy efficiency of their operations, the IR3000-F series offers a comprehensive solution backed by cutting-edge technology. To learn more about how MoistTech’s NIR moisture measurement and control technology can benefit your production line, visit

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