Make your product stand out – with moisture control!

increased plant efficiency

Believe it or not, moisture content is a crucial point in the manufacturing process of most materials and a proper system can increase plant efficiency almost immediately. Trial and error and shutting down the line for moisture results creates havoc on the process – MoistTech’s near-infrared detection system can replace your out dated methods and provide an online, instant result.

Lower energy costs & less waste

Lower the amount of time and energy that is being utilized to run the manufacturing line by eliminating wasted product and achieving proper dryer control. Out of spec product creates waste and increases dryer usage – a moisture detection system can help maintain proper dryer control and reduce or even eliminate wasted product by providing manufacturers 100% product inspection control.

precise dryer control

Maintaining the dryer temperature and ensuring it does not use too much energy or over-dry the product is essential for energy savings and eliminating wasted product. Plants can see huge savings on dryer usage and instant ROI!

process optimization

Optimize the process of the manufacturing line and provide an efficient production line with a non-drift, non-contact moisture system.

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frequently asked questions

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