What is NIR Moisture Control and How Does it Work?

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When it comes to factory production, for almost all industries, moisture content is an essential measurement that you need. Not only can the moisture levels damage a specific product but if the level is too high or low, it can affect the way that your product performs and its overall quality. Learn more about how MoistTech uses NIR technology to allow you to get precise and exact measurements, giving you the best possible results.

An image of a MoistTech sensor.

What is NIR Moisture Technology

NIR technology, or near infrared technology, is used in all of MoistTech’s products. Near infrared technology provides the best and most accurate measurements of moisture content. In fact, it’s the most reliable technology on the market today. This technology differs over other forms of moisture measurement because it does not need to be actually touching the product. It is a fast and easy way to understand the moisture levels in your product without disturbing the product or the production process.

How Can Moisture Affect Your Products

Moisture is one of the most important aspects of production that can either destroy or compliment a product and its manufacturing process. It can affect the texture, shelf life, strength, and all other aspects of a product. Depending on what you are manufacturing, it can also cause bacteria and mold to grow within the product, making it faulty and potentially even dangerous for your factory and for the customer purchasing the product.

An image of a factory line.
An image of rubber manufacturing with NIR sensors.

MoistTech and NIR

Instead of viewing moisture measurement levels as a hassle, MoistTech has NIR technology that provides you with the most accurate and reliable results. Our line of moisture NIR technology even allows you to store up to 50 percent of codes and calibrations for your specific product. Our NIR technology allows you to save money, product, and time, while also reducing product waste. These sensors are non-invasive and won’t disturb your product or production line.

How to Find The Best Moisture Control Products

MoistTech has designed the highest quality NIR moisture technology sensors for a variety of industries. We’ve designed sensors for wood, tobacco, bio, chemical, human food, animal food, and so many other industries and products. Our sensors all include the NIR technology and allow you to get the best measurements. These measurements show up in real time and are quickly visible, allowing you to make any changes that you need.

An image of a NIR sensor from MoistTech.

MoistTech has been used in many different factories and production lines and has been used by many industries all over the United States. Learn more about our NIR technology and what industries you can use our products for by visiting our website or by connecting with us directly.