What Type of Moisture Control is Best?

Moisture Management Tips for Food Industry Leaders

When it comes to moisture management, food industry experts are constantly looking for innovative solutions to keep moisture at bay  in processing facilities. Food borne illnesses that come from bacteria thriving in food processing plants are a massive liability to say the least, making preventative action to find the best method of moisture control essential. MoistTech Corporation offers state-of-the-art near-infrared technology that provides the most accurate, reliable, and repeatable data on the market today. Call MoistTech today for a no-obligation quote.

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Manual Drying

Manual drying, or simply using an HVAC system with fans to eliminate moisture can take hours, and is much less efficient and effective at keeping bacteria at bay. The longer moisture lingers, the more time bacteria has to grow, creating a hazardous environment for employees and consumers. This method for moisture control is in no way recommended, and encouraged to be avoided. 


Dehumidifiers in the food industry help control environmental conditions by independently controlling temperature and humidity levels while eliminating condensation and other moisture-related problems. The use of dehumidifiers reduces sanitation cycle time, prevents and removes frost and ice from cold storage/freezer areas, and prevents moisture and therefore frost or moisture regain in packaging. 

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MoistTech urges the standardization of NIR devices to maintain consistency of light intensity, bandwidth, and wavelength precision between instruments. Once our devices are up and running, built-in measurement standards control their performance to ensure that no deviations occur over time, keeping continuous control of consistency between instruments. This makes it easy to add new instruments to your operation that use the same calibrations without having to make any modifications. 

True Network Capability

True network capability for effective instrument management is more than just connecting your devices to the internet — it allows you to look inside of the instrument to check performance, making updates or calibrations as needed. Remotely manage and surveillance, update, and calibrate multiple instruments from a single location with MoistTech Corp’s NIR devices.  

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Moisture control is extremely important in food processing, as the presence of humidity and moisture in just one part of the processing line can result in food being spoiled, and consumers’ health being compromised. MoistTech Corporations provides reliable and accurate solutions for moisture control through NIR technology, which can measure the level of moisture within a manufactured product. These instant measurements can result in big savings all around. Call us today to receive a no-obligation quote.