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Solid Recovered Fuel Yields High Energy Source

Measuring Moisture Content in Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Increases Profits Produced from recovered waste, SRF is a high-yield source of energy for producing heat and electricity, as well as being a waste disposal alternative. It is made up of dry, non-hazardous waste...

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Moisture Measurement in Biosolid Cake

MoistTech™ Instant NIR Online Moisture Sensors In dewatering processes the aim is to produce biosolids with high total solids residual (TSR). Measuring biosolid moisture online is essential for minimising dewatering costs such as biosolid disposal and polymer usage.In...

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Exclusive Feature: Manufacturing Today & MoistTech

MoistTech’s technology is used in thousands of applications to increase energy efficiency.  MoistTech Corp’s sensors and gauges focus on the near-infrared  (NIR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum to measure and control moisture from lab to line....

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MoistTech Sensors Debuted at PulPaper Helsinki 2018

MoistTech’s state of the art IR-3000 series sensor will be at PulPaper Helsinki this May in Booth 6f2 with partner, Industri-Textil Job Oy – be sure to stop by and see how controlling moisture in your paper or pulp application is crucial. PulPaper is one...

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We Continue to Grow – Welcome New Team Members!

MoistTech Corp. Welcomes New Team Members March and April 2018 are brining waves of change within MoistTech Corp. as we continue to expand and enhance our customer’s experience. In addition to new products being unveiled in our first trade shows of the year, we have...

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