There are multiple benefits with a Moisture Measurement System:#Blood meal moisture sensor image

  • Reduce dryer usage and energy costs
  • Proper control of the infeed and dryer exit
  • Better quality of final product
  • Consistency of your final product
  • 100 percent product inspection
  • Dust and fire elimination
  • Reduce purchase costs from water weight

When looking at moisture measurement systems, be sure to evaluate features that will be most beneficial to your operation. The best ones to look for are:

  • One-time calibration: Pre-calibrating the sensor to be ready to read your specific application
  • Multiple applications can be read: The moisture measurement system can remember up to 50 different applications and measurements so you can easily switch back and forth to allow the machine to acknowledge a new product is being read.
  • Immediate results: The sensor produces hundreds of readings per second to allow the user to have immediate access to the product moisture content, allowing for increased or decreased dryer control.
  • All equipment included: Everything needed to operate the sensor is included and the software can be installed on an unlimited number of devices, allowing for better access throughout the process.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Continually researched and updated technology allows for the most accurate results in the moisture measurement industry.
  • 30-day performance guarantee: See results or send it back—plain and simple.
  • Installation: Ideal for installations on chain and screw conveyors.