nir technology

Near-infrared technology provides the most accurate, reliable an repeatable results for moisture, thickness and oil measurement in numerous applications

Moisture Measurement & Control = Quality

Competing moisture detection technology often provides the user with an estimated guess rather than true, accurate data that can be repeated. Near-Infrared technology stands above the rest with it’s ability to provide hundreds of readings per second to accurately control a manufacturing line.

A Multitude of Benefits

Near-Infrared (NIR) spectrum provides the ability to use light reflectance to measure the amount of moisture, oil or thickness of a material. It provides a non-contact, non-destructive way of measurement that can be easily incoporated anywhere on the line.

  • ignore changes in product size, color & height
  • program up to 50 calibration codes at once
  • use one system to measure up to 3 constituents
  • save energy costs, reduce scrap
  • increase product quality & plant efficiency


MoistTech’s NIR setup is ratio-based designed with prime beam to eliminate sensitivities due to distance, improves stability and accuracy while providing a non-drift design that will not need to be constantly re-calibrated.

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