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Experience the future at IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo and the Advanced Textiles Conference & Trade Show.
MoistTech will have the most advance moisture gauges for water and hydro carbon coatings, For more info on nonwovens and textile measurement: http://www.moisttech.com/textile-moisture
Stop by booth # 4560

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Recycling show 2013 in Gorinchem NL

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The interest in the online
moisture measurement of the MoistTech IR3000 was again enormous during the
Recycling Show 2013 Gorinchem in The Netherlands. Recycling metal, SRF,
biomass, and other related applications is a fast growing industry where
MoistTech and their Dutch representative M.C. Tec provides high quality
moisture sensors to optimize the process, technical advice, service and support

For more check out: http://www.moisttech.com/renewable-energy-moisture

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World Tobacco Europe 2013

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Come see MoistTech at World Tobacco 2013 in Hamburg Germany
We will have all our latest sensors for online and offline measurements.
MoistTech will be in booth #e32
For more info on moisture in tobacco: http://www.moisttech.com/tobacco-moisture

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MoistTech at Global Insulation Conference

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MoistTech had a great turn out at the Global Insulation Conference in Aachen, Germany

Moisture content, temperature, chemical composition all of these must be carefully measured and regulated to guarantee the best quality end product is achieved. To do this, you need an accurate product testing instrument with a wide variety of capabilities.
The IR-3000 insulation moisture gauge capable of accurately testing more than just moisture. By taking instant, non-contact measurements of temperature, water-based coatings, …

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MoistTech at PACK EXPO 2013

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Come join us at PACK EXPO in Las Vegas Sep 23-25, 2013    
We will be in Booth #S6622

Moist Tech manufactures the IR-3000 Infrared Gauge for the continuous, on-line determination of moisture, water and hydrocarbon based coatings, film thickness and coatweight, for paper, corrugated medium, non wovens, films and foils. Utilizing the latest technology, the IR-3000 provides the most accurate and reliable performance of any gauge on the market at the lowest cost. Standard outputs …

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MoistTech’s Tobacco Moisture Sensor

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MoistTech’s sensors have outperformed all major suppliers
equipment in head to head moisture testing evaluations. The IR3000/828
Tobacco Moisture Sensor has proven to be the
most accurate over all tobacco process moisture ranges. Having the correct moisture levels in
Tobacco has become a critical component during the various stages of production. Processors are constantly adjusting moisture
and heat during the conditioning process to maintain the quality of their
product. MoistTech’s
IR 3000/828 Tobacco
Moisture Sensor that is ideally …

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Check us out online

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MoistTech’s series of online moisture sensors for measurement are designed for full real time process control. Our moisture sensors are designed and developed for instant non-contact measurement for all types of moisture sensor applications. Check out www.moisttech.com for more info or Email at info@moisttech.com
Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on facebook

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Measuring coat weight with MoistTech

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Measuring coat weights is an important factor during paper converting for the precise
control of films, water based adhesives, resins and hot melt glue applications.
Polyethylene, polypropylene and other coatings such as PVC can also be measured
and controlled to a high degree of accuracy. The IR3000 helps control the re moisturizing
process, monitor any additions of adhesive coatings and detect coating defects.
MoistTech’s IR3000 sensor is installed where 100% inspection is required and
quality needs to be maintained …

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